Lala Slime smol.png


It's most common for slime people to be

palm-sized. Their skin is somewhat of a rubber-like consistency, and soft to the touch. Heat causes their bodies to soften and become stretchable, almost like an extremely tough putty. Some slime people, such as Lala, enjoy stretching. They also don't have bones, and are actually cartilaginous. The cartilage

is a type of strong tissue that can also be found in humans, such as the nose, throat and ears. Their organs and nerves are similar to their skin, having elastic properties similar to rubber so they aren't damaged from being stretched out too much. Their horns are the erogenous part of their body. They generally just grow one, located near their genitals. Their genitals can retract. When digesting, the acid in their stomachs turns the food into steam, to then get released out

of their bodies.

Lala Slime Blob.png


Their skin usually consists of a single solid colour, and aren't normally transparent. When transparent, their insides are visible.