The mascot to 'PeechPenku', Magical Peach-YUU! Her name being Yuu, it's also pronounced as "Yooh". The 'Peach-Yuu' is pronounced as "Peech-Yooh".

Yuu is excitable and confident. She is somewhat mischievous and loves to tease her friends, especially her love interest, who is also her childhood friend.


Her skin is pale, hair is white, and eyes are red. Both of her eyes have a pink coloured heart shape reflecting into them. While Yuu loves to wear cute and fashionable clothes, her transformation outfit consists of long sleeved gloves of a dark purple shade, red boots with heart tips, and a leotard divided into 3 parts. The first part being a white turtleneck crop top with puffy sleeves, then a white mid-section exposing her little tummy through a heart-shaped cut-out, and ending with red spandex high-cuts with see-through pink ruffles going around her upper hip. Yuu is pear shaped, and bottom heavy. Her breasts are medium sized, being about B-C cup. She has a cowlick that is seemingly shaped like a heart.


  • 23 years old


  • 5'2


  • ​Transformation Wand

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