What are Commissions?

Commissions are custom artwork made by PeechPenku! To order one, simply fill out the form, to which can be found under Commission in the menu.

The Form

We are currently not accepting anymore commissions. Thank you!

The Form can be found here, or under Commission on the top menu of the website.

In case of any special request or questions in terms of deadlines or other topics concerning the order, please make use of the Comments Section of the form.

Bust Shot - 80 USD
Wing-it - 200 USD
Wing-it - 200 USD
Wing-it - 200 USD
Bust Shot - 80 USD
Vtuber Model - 1260 USD

Communication/Message Procedure

As we also form a business relationship, it is agreed to treat each other respectfully, professionally, and to respect the individual’s personal boundaries during the commission time-frame.

These are the general steps and procedures:

  • Upon any issue, they will be kept private, and discussed solely between PeechPenku and you.

  • Once the Form is filled out and sent, PeechPenku will get back to you ASAP.

  • If there are any questions, PeechPenku will gladly answer them.

  • Once the payment is complete, you will be notified when the piece commences within the commission time-frame.

  • If there is anything wrong, or any concerns, please do not hesitate to drop in an email at janis.tsichlis@gmail.com, or a message through direct messaging.

  • If there is any uncertainty of something as PeechPenku works on your order, an email will be sent to you for the purpose of preventing mistakes done on your requested piece.

  • When the sketch is done, a screenshot will be sent to you for your approval, or needed changes requested by you.

  • Once discussed and approved, the lineart, and completion of the commissioned piece will commence.

  • Once completed, the full resolution of the completed work will be sent to you.

What is the Full Body 2D Model, and why does it cost that much?

This type of commission is the making of a rig-ready, full body model for you to use for Vtubing, and/or animation. The procedure of making a model takes about 24+ hours of work and concentration that goes into the model for your satisfaction, and quality.


Once contacted and ideas discussed, an invoice will be sent to you through Paypal. All commissions must be paid the full sum upfront during or after negotiation. While discussing payments is possible, it is most preferable to receive the payment before starting your order.


Unless specified in the comments section, deadlines are simply to give idea on when you would like your order completed. To send an email for a change of deadline is perfectly fine, but any date earlier than the one currently selected in the form isn't always possible as a means of an available schedule.


Your order(s) generally will be completed by the given deadline, and if there is any event that occurs in causing tardiness, you will be notified upon it. You will be notified if there is any delay.


All commissions are non-refundable and work will cease if requesting a termination of the commission with no refund, or compromise for unfinished work. In case of an emergency occurs on either side, the refund will be given.

These percentages are based on the order status of how much you'll receive on the refund:

  • To Be Sketched: 100% Refund

A full refund will be given if the commission work has yet to be started.

  • Sketching: 80%

  • Lining: 30%

  • Colouring: 13%

If the work has been started, you will be refunded for the remaining worth of unfinished work, and not a full refund. Lining tends to be the most time consuming stage of drawing for PeechPenku, thus you will receive 30% of the total you have initially paid.

Commercial Use

Commercial use is fully permitted.

Paypal Chargeback

If a PayPal chargeback is issued to their unique Transaction ID payment to me during or after an orders, it will automatically become void, and you will be charged a $50 fee and blacklisted.

​Dos and Don'ts

Will Do:

  • Original Characters

  • NSFW

  • Fanart

  • Anthro

  • Character Design

  • Emojis

  • Outfit Design

Won't Do:

  • Style Imitation

  • Gore

  • Tracing

  • Extreme Fetishes​

  • NSFW of Underaged Characters

Extra Charges

Extra Characters:

  • ​+75% of the base price

  • ​​This charge applies to requesting more than one character on a piece.

Detailed Characters:

  • ​Extra charge of $30

  • ​Details are upon complex designs which can vary upon armor, motifs, jewelry, etc.


  • ​Extra charge of $20-$60

  • ​​Simple backgrounds can be requested in the form and there will be no fee. This charge applies to requesting cities, and  landscapes.


  • There will be an extra charge of $10 to make edits onto the completed commission. This charge will apply if a drastic change is wanted even after approval was given for the completion of the commission.