We ship internationally from Canada!

Due to COVID-19, delays are expected during shipment.




The Rosalina Mouse Pads have finally arrived! We will start sending out the first batch on the 11th. Thank you so much for all of your patience.




There's been a huge delay regarding the Rosalina mouse pads due to COVID. We've contacted the manufacturers and are waiting for further updates. They've been produced, but now we're waiting for the stock arrival.




The 2nd batch of the Princess Peach pre-orders have been dispatched! The 3rd one will be shipped out on the 24th of July. Thank you for your patience and support!♡




The production for the Rosalina mouse pads have been completed and are now on their way to us!




There's been a huge delay in receiving the pre-orders for the Princess Peach and Rosalina mouse pads. The Princess Peach mouse pads have just arrived and the first batch has been shipped out. There will be 2 other separate batches regarding the Princess Peach mouse pads due to the high number of orders.

The Rosalina mouse pads are currently being made, and we will further give updates on their completion. Thank you so much for your understanding, and support to our small business! :)